The ‘Builder’s Bum’ Has Officially Made It Onto Google Street View

It has long been a traditional part of British culture, witnessed at every building site, pub and gathering where poorly fitting jeans are present. The builder’s bum is a mainstay that has now been captured for posterity (or should that be posteriority? sorry) on Google Street View.

The tech giant’s busy cameras were roaming the streets of Lower Clapton in London recently when they caught an unfortunate builder in a slightly compromising position.

Two pedestrians also bore witness to the protruding crack as the builder busies himself on the residential street.

What’s the crack here, then? Image: Google Street View

The hi-vis adorned tradesman fortunately has his face pixellated to protect his anonymity, as is part of Google’s privacy policy. Although his rear view is there for all to see.

Still, nothing to be ashamed of. The builder’s bum is a noble tradesman’s tradition, transcending the industry to become a national staple and one which we are proud to see celebrated on Google maps.

We salute this bloke and his low riding trousers. Good on you, mate. Truly the hero we need during these unprecedented times.

(h/t The Express)

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