Kent Plumber Boosts Business With Bog Art

There’s nothing we appreciate more than a good bit of creative van signage and a plumber in Kent is bringing a smile to those who see his latest work of art.

Jamie Parsons, who runs the company Be Wise, has slapped the bottom half of man sitting on a toilet on the side of his van and it looks absolutely brilliant. 

Caught on the Loo. Picture credit Jamie Parsons

While to some conservative folk it might be a little edgy, the majority of people pulling up alongside the new Be Wise vans usually have a big grin on their face and it’s been great for business.

Speaking to Kent Online, Mr Parsons said “”The reason I did it was to get more recognised and that has definitely worked, for sure.”

“Since having the design done, business has flooded in. People were putting it on Facebook pages and sharing it,” he added.

“It’s just something to put a smile on people’s faces, especially with everything that’s going on. It’s some upbeat humour that helps us stand out.”

Need some inspiration for some van signage? We’ve been sent a bunch of great stuff lately so while we’re on the subject have a look at these and be inspired! 

(H/T Kent Online)

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