Woman Asks Tradesmen To Work For Free In Exchange For TikTok Posts

A woman in Cornwall has been ripped to shreds online after posting a “job” advertisement asking tradesmen to work for free on her home in exchange for ‘publicity exposure’ on her social media.

In the extraordinary post, she revealed that she and her husband had “been hit with a house that needs more TLC than originally sought”, having just moved to the Saltash area. 

In return for the free work, she was offering “some good publicity” to her 2,000 Instagram followers and her husbands 178,000 followers on Tik Tok”.

Now before you get all fired up don’t worry – the backlash has been fierce and no one came forward with an offer.

Within minutes of the post being shared on Reddit, users went to town criticising the ridiculous nature of the offer.

The original post shared. The three ‘X’s’ at the end make it even worse

Reddit user Giddeonfox wrote, “Seriously! I just bought a house with the same need for TLC and every contractor/handyman is booked up for months and many have stopped taking any scheduled appointments. The housing market is insanely busy right now due to interest rates and with that so is every industry associated with housing. They can pretty much charge what they want at this point and still get as much business as they want”

Another user correctly pointed out that “handy-work can only really be done locally. Who cares about your 2k insta followers when none of them are probably close enough to contract you for work anyway”

With another adding “That’s true, it doesn’t help a plumber in Dorksville, Indiana if they are paid in exposure to 2 million 14 year old kids in Istanbul.

Another joked, “What are you talking about? I always go straight to TikTok when I’m looking for a plumber”.

As reported by Cornwall Live, Since the Reddit post was shared on Tuesday it has received over 6.7k votes on the subreddit ‘Beggars can’t be choosers!’ which is dedicated to “posting screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky” and has two million members.

She has since claimed that the original post was a joke and apologised for any offence caused but we’re not buying it…or fixing it for nothing. 

(H/T Cornwall Live)

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  1. Just think of all the free publicity you are getting already for your business without doing nowt for nowt?

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