Morrisons Are Selling Bags Of Wet Eggs And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Bags…of…wet…eggs. Has there ever been a more unappetising few words strung together when it comes to a meal deal?

Well Morrisons don’t seem to care how unappetising the prospect of a load of boiled eggs in a big wet bag is, because they’re now flogging the atrocities as part of their meal deals.

No, we have absolutely no idea what’s going on either.

But this is a very real, very horrific culinary nightmare that is straight out of the 2020 playbook for s**t that will scar us mentally forever.

If the multiple moist eggs (sorry) are included as part of the meal deal, however, what part are they forming? Main or snack? This is the question we need to be asking as a society.

Now we’re just off to throw up violently before a sleepless night worrying about falling into a huge bag of wet eggs.

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