Wetherspoons Chef Suspended After Revealing Kitchen Secrets

The Wetherspoons chef who took to TikTok to reveal how food is made in the pub chain’s kitchens has been suspended after his video went viral.

Nineteen-year-old J Salsa filmed himself preparing a chicken curry before uploading the video to TikTok, generating millions of views in the process as he displayed how the meal was cooked in the microwave.

Salsa also revealed that only meat and eggs are cooked fresh on-site in Wetherspoons kitchens. However, word of his viral hit has spread rapidly and has been discovered by upper management at Wetherspoons, who have now suspended the chef for his video.


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Sharing the news with his followers, Salsa said “My managers had a meeting with me today about the whole thing, the whole situation.

“They were really calm about it to be honest, they understood and I sort of explained my point of view, that it was a mistake and I didn’t mean to cause harm to the company.

“Long story short, I’m suspended until my disciplinary meeting, where I will find out if I get fired or not.”

The TikTok star also claimed to have more videos ready to share, including him prepping burgers and steaks, after already sharing a chicken korma, a full English breakfast and a Southern fried chicken wrap, but would withhold them depending on the outcome of his disciplinary meeting.

(h/t Metro)

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