Super Mario Turns 35! Here’s Why They Made Him A Plumber

No matter how advanced the global gaming world becomes, there is arguably no face more recognisable than that of Italian-American plumber, Mario.

Whether you first came across the superhero-like plumber playing Super Mario 64 on the iconic N64, or you’re a new age kid playing Nintendo Switch now, the character and franchise celebrated it’s 35th year of existence this week and there are no signs of slowing down.

But before we get into the history of his stardom, we need to answer 1 question that you may never have thought of before…Why did they make him a plumber?

Rolling back the clock to an original version of the game. Image Credit Pixabay

Speaking to CNN, Shigeru Miyamoto, game designer and producer of “Super Mario Bros”, explained that “We wanted him to be someone who might live near you, and not a superhero”.

“I was trying to use the technology available at the time to produce a distinctive-looking character from a small number of pixels, and that resulted in Mario”.

When ‘Super Mario Bros’ first came into existence back in 1985 it was a revolution in the arcade gaming world. While most games of that era provided a minimal gameplay experience driven by achieving high scores like ‘Pac-Man’, ‘Super Mario Bros’ was an adventure based journey around Mushroom Kingdom, with the objective of saving the princess from Bowser. 

Since it’s humble beginnings in 1985, the character has remained a staple of the Nintendo  franchise and evolution through multiple consoles and various spin off games. 

Goombas are no match for Mario. Image Credit Pixabay

As reported by CNN, to celebrate the anniversary “On September 18, Nintendo is releasing “Super Mario 3D All-Stars,” a compilation of three of the more modern games in the franchise: “Super Mario 64,” “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario Galaxy,” with graphics enhanced for the Switch console. Nintendo is producing these as a limited run, and the game will be available until March 31”

So you might have always thought that he was a plumber because they always come to save the day….but you’d be wrong. Make sure you tell your plumbing mates that too.\


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