Roofer In West Berkshire Suffers Horror Spider Bite And May Lose Leg

A 32-year-old roofer has suffered a horror spider bite while on the job and there are fears it could cost him his leg.

Antony Mayne, from Beenham, was admitted to Basingstoke hospital and required leg surgery after the initial bite on his right shin resulted in a serious infection.

Doctors believe Antony Mayne was bitten by either a cupboard spider or false widow spider and while the 32-year-old is currently recovering, he is being monitored closely and may still require more surgery to fully deal with it.

Speaking to Newbury Today, his sister-in-law Gemma Leach said “It was really, really nasty and it looks awful,”

Ouch! Image Credit: Sarah Bosley Newbury Today

“On Wednesday he was admitted to hospital and he had to have surgery on his leg on Thursday.

“They are potentially planning for more surgery in a few days and potentially he could still lose his leg.

“We have all been joking about it but the reality has now set in and it’s all a bit of a worry.”

After initially turning up to hospital and given some mild antibiotics for an allergic reaction, Antony became progressively worse in the days that followed. With a loss of appetite, fever and sweats among some of his symptoms, he returned to hospital and was taken into surgery.

With spider season in full swing, the family is urging tradespeople to be aware of the severity that these bites can have. If you notice a spot or have any irritation, get yourself to the doctor and get it checked out.

Antony Mayne In Hospital. Image Credit: Sarah Bosley Newbury Today

(H/T Newbury Today)

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