Gordon Ramsay Gets Destroyed On Twitter For His £19 Fry Up

Fry ups can cause all manner of outrage on social media, with entire groups and accounts dedicated to dissecting the problems with people’s breakfasts. However, one thing that remains constant amid the endless debates about beans, black puddings, toast colour and whether bacon is over or undercooked is that they should never, ever cost ALMOST TWENTY ENGLISH POUNDS.

Yet that is what Gordon Ramsay is charging for a full English at the Savoy Grill in central London.

And people aren’t exactly enamoured with the sight of the brekky either, after the foul mouthed chef posted a quick video of it online over the weekend.

Now, OK, fair enough, we’re sure everything on that plate tastes wonderful. But for £19?

Needless to say, Twitter had a field day with Ramsay’s plate.

Maybe charge a tenner less and throw in an extra sausage, some black pudding and a few slices of toast and we can forgive you, Gordon.

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