A Retail Store Called Covid 19 Inc. Is Open And It Sells Some Weird S%#T

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This is actually a real thing. Image Credit: Victor Fiorillo

A new Covid-19 boutique retail store has opened in the USA selling everything from LED face masks, stylish “Covid-safe” hoodies and a load of other weird hygienic accessories that help you open doors.

Covid-19 Inc’s main offering is an enormous variety of face masks that range from £4-£120 but it’s the other unusual accessories for sale that are truly bonkers.

Sick of smelling your stinky breath in your mask? Get that sorted with Lavender or Mint mask spray.

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Lavender spray anyone? Image source: Victor Fiorillo

Don’t want to touch door handles with your bare hand? Get this hygienic door opener with a rubber tip at the end for pressing the keypad at the ATM.

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Self explanatory? Image credit: Victor Fiorillo

Something for the ladies perhaps? I’m glad you asked.

For the females that don’t want to ruin their makeup, they sell the ‘Makeup Saver’, which according to a shop assistant interviewed by Fox10 Phoenix, “is a small plastic insert that you put on before your mask that creates a space between your face and your mask, so your makeup doesn’t move”. Christmas present sorted.

They also sell rechargeable LED face masks that light up with different colours but the pièce de résistance has to be the ‘Air Conditioned Mask’ that has “a built in cooling fan that will cool the interior of the mask for you”.

Speaking to Victor Fiorillo from Philly Mag, the owner of the store had this to say about the hopeful short-lived nature of the venture” “Buy a mask and put me out of business. The sooner I go out of business, the better.”

What a time to be alive.

(H/T Phillymag)

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