Irish Plumber Related To Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Comes Up With Clever Van Art To Boost Business!

If you thought the US Presidential Election had absolutely nothing to do with the plumbing industry in Ireland…well you’d be dead wrong. Just ask Irish plumber, Joe Blewitt.

The plumber from Knockmore, Co. Mayo, who happens to be the third-cousin of US Presidential candidate Joe Biden, has covered his work van with a witty slogan that reads “Joe Biden for the White House, Joe Blewitt for your House”, along with a photo of the Democratic nominee.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, the father of three explained that the opportunistic advertising campaign has had an immediate impact on business, saying “I only got it done on the weekend and it has been mad. The phone hasn’t stopped hopping all morning. I can’t get any bloody work done”.

Now you might be thinking, ‘Surely there’s no chance that the former VP of the US knows his face is on the back of his third-cousins plumbing van in Ireland?’. Wrong again.

It turns out the 41 year-old plumber and Biden have a relationship and have met on a number of occasions. During his spell as Vice President under the Obama Administration, Mr Blewitt and his family were invited to the White House for a visit and they have even shared a meal together in Ireland.

“We met him previously when he was home in Ireland. He came to Ballina and joined us for a meal in a local restaurant. It was lovely. He came back then again, without all the security and that was nicer. We had a bit of time to sit and chat with him”.

We haven’t been this impressed with van art since Patel & Singh Builders came out with this cracker below!

(h/t Irish Examiner)

(Article thumbnail credit: Creative Commons)

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