Britain’s Favourite Biscuit Has Officially Been Chosen

There are fewer topics which cause Brits to engage in such fierce online debate as those related to food and drink. So naturally, there’s sure to be lots of very vocal people having their say on social media about the nation’s favourite biscuit, which has just been selected.

Two thousand Britons were asked for their opinion on the best brew accompanying snack and on top was one of the classics, the old stalwart, the chocolate digestive.

The legendary biscuit received an emphatic 69% of the overall vote, soundly knocking shortbread into second place, followed by chocolate fingers, Jaffa Cakes and chocolate Hobnobs rounding out the top five.

The official GOATs, according to a new survey. Image: Amazon

The survey also discovered that people in Britain eat, on average, 11 biscuits a week, with the older generation favouring ginger nuts and younger people opting for Oreos.

The most biscuit barmy city in the country is Norwich, with residents there consuming an average of 650 biscuits each per year. Absolutely solid effort from Delia Smith, Alan Partridge and the rest of the lads.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of people prefer a tea with their biscuit, with only 22% of Brits pairing their’s with a coffee.

A noble British tradition. Image: Good Housekeeping

However, in a surprising twist, only 11% of over 60’s claimed to dunk their biscuits into their brews. Although 29% of 16-29 year olds stated that they’re keeping the tradition very much alive, so there is hope yet.

But enough about the results of this survey, what’s your favourite biscuit? Sound off in the comments section on Facebook and let us know.

(h/t Metro)

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