Pensioner Blows Up House Trying To Kill A Fly

There are few things more infuriating than a perfectly lovely, relaxing day being interrupted by the persistent buzzing of an unwanted fly. In fact, so frustrating are the little airborne pests that one pensioner in France managed to torch his house trying to kill one.

The 80-year-old had just sat down to dinner in his home in Parcoul-Chenaud in Dordogne when he was rudely disturbed.

The unnamed gentleman quickly armed himself with an electric fly swatter to take down the critter, but his efforts were incredibly costly.

Unaware of a leaking gas cylinder, the man switched on the swatter, only for the electric spark to react with the gas, causing an explosion that blew his kitchen up.

The fly’s probably still buzzing around the 80-year-old man’s kitchen window, unable to get out. Image: Pixabay

Luckily, the elderly gent escaped with just burns, which were treated at a hospital in Libourne and is now staying at a nearby campsite to recover as his house is repaired.

No word on whether the fly survived the explosion, however. Knowing the bloke’s luck, it’ll make it’s way to his campsite next.

(h/t LADbible)

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