Chinese Builder Survives Horror Fall After Landing On 31 Inch Steel Rod

A builder in China has miraculously survived a horrific fall onto a steel rod, which impaled her through the torso.

The woman, known by her surname Xiang, fell from a 10ft platform onto the rod, which spiked through her back and protruded out of her shoulder, skewering right through her body.

The incident occurred at a construction site in China’s southern province of Guangdong, leading to doctors performing a three hour life saving operation to remove the rod, that somehow avoided all Xiang’s major organs and main blood vessels.

Ms. Xiang told reporters that blood “was gushing out like a fountain before I had even realised what was happening.” 

Her colleagues then cut the metal bar before having her transported to a nearby hospital.

Dr Li Jia, a chief medic at the hospital, told Guangdong Southern Television: “The operation went smoothly. She was fortunate that it had avoided the large blood vessels in the lungs and chest. 

“Although there was some bleeding, we quickly repaired it after pulling out the pole.”

Ms. Xiang is reported to be in a stable condition, currently.

(h/t The Mail)

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