People Are Dressing Their Washing Machines And It’s Very, Very Weird

Lockdown has clearly done some incredibly strange things to people…

While a passion for DIY has swept the nation over the past five months, with millions stuck at home with nothing to do but realise how many shelves need putting up, how many walls need replastering and rooms need painting, some people have gone a little bit left field with their renovations.

Some people are, how do I even say this? They are…

Dressing their washing machines.

No, I’m not making this up or describing the events of some lucid fever dream. People are literally buying dresses that have been made for their washing machines.

The floral designs have been described as ‘unique gifts for women’ by online retailers and, somehow, are actually selling pretty well.

If this isn’t the most 2020 trend of all time, I’m not sure what is. Because what do you dress your washing machine in when it’s dress is dirty? Do you have to buy a spare? How much is too much to spend on dresses for a household appliance?

I need a lie down.

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