Builder Creates Pub In His Own Back Garden

If socially distanced bevvies aren’t your thing, or maybe you just don’t fancy sharing a pub with people you don’t know in this current, virus heavy climate, then why not follow the lead of Gordon Davis, from Oxford, who has built his own pub in his back garden.

The 60-year-old builder actually built the garden based establishment three years ago with funds raised from selling his MGB classic car.

Peanuts Bar has been in operation since not long after the sale of his beloved motor and has no doubt given father-of-three Gordon just as much, if not more pleasure, ever since.

“If your name’s not down you’re not coming in. Also, what are you doing in my garden?” Image: Oxford Mail

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, Gordon, who lives with wife Lynne on Oxford’s Rose Hill Estate, said, “We have had plenty of good gatherings for family and friends since we built it.

“We had quite a few people round for my 60th just before lockdown, but nothing like that since.

“The pub has a lovely bar, a pool table, a dart board, a seating area and an old street lamp out the front.

Gordon has hosted pool nights and his 60th birthday party in the pub. Image: Oxford Mail

“Even with social distancing there’s enough room to get quite a few people inside safely and have some people sitting outside.

“We know if the weather is good we can invite a few friends round and it’s nice to have that option when pubs themselves have all these restrictions at the moment.”

The materials for the pub cost Gordon £5,000, which, let’s face it, you would have spent in a pub during lockdown alone if allowed in there during the first three months, so the bar has already more than paid for itself over the last three years.

“It’s a bit of a worrying time at the moment for everyone so it’s good to have this as an option.”

The bar was named after a scene in The Simpsons, which is popular with Gordon’s six grandchildren, while food is sorted via the BBQ out front.

Inside, guests can enjoy a spot of darts or pool, with every visitor required to sign their name on the wall.

Sensational work, Gordon. We’ll be round for a pint and some pool once all this has blown over.

(h/t Oxford Mail)

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