Thousands Attend Party At Wuhan Waterpark As Lockdown Is Eased

It may have originally been ground zero for the global Covid-19 pandemic, but life in Wuhan now appears to be returning to normal, with thousands flocking to a waterpark last weekend for a music festival.

While live concerts and festivals still feel a million miles away from happening in the UK without the need for social distancing and various other health and safety measures, at Maya Beach Water Park, apart from the reduced 50% capacity, everything else seemed back to normal, as revellers partied next to each other without the need for face masks or anything similar.

Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei Province was locked down in January, but restrictions were lifted in April, just as the UK was approaching the peak of it’s infections.

Chinese authorities have reported that no new domestically transmitted cases of Coronavirus have been recorded since mid-May, leading to the opening up of events such as the recent festival at Maya Beach.

Management of the water park ran a promotion offering half price discounts to all female visitors in a bid to boost the attendance, with the provincial government trying to kickstart the economy by abolishing entrance fees to over 400 tourist sites across Hubei.

There have been several lowkey outbreaks of Covid-19 in recent months in China, but mainly stemming from people infected overseas who have travelled into the country. Local lockdowns have also been proactively enforced on cities even if they only see a handful of new cases announced, thus preventing widespread infections.

In the UK meanwhile, infection rates have risen across the country in the last few weeks, prompting local lockdowns of Leicester, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and East Lancashire.

Don’t know about you, but a festival at a water park would go down a storm right about now.

(h/t The Independent)

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