Pub Closed Down After Smuggling Customers In Dressed As Tradesmen

Lockdown has driven people to great lengths to get back into pubs, with establishments having to close their doors between 23rd March and 4th July. And even now, with watering holes across the country open for business, they are still required to observe social distancing and health and safety measures. Yet one pub has been caught out trying to work around these laws, using fake tradesmen as part of their plan.

Y Bodunig in Dyserth was caught sneaking in customers carrying items such as buzzsaws and ladders, as if they were carrying out work inside the pub. However, it was all a ruse so the customers could carry on with their regular drinking activities, circumventing lockdown laws.

However, CCTV footage caught customers sneaking in via a back entrance, hiding from a Police Community Support Officer, with North Wales Police confirming no work had been carried out inside the establishment.

The pub’s former manager, Derek Coulton, had insisted the people were there to work, yet footage had caught his own son bringing a circular saw inside the pub and sprinkle sawdust onto the bar.

One incident on the 31st March saw one customer stand on a ladder while a police officer questioned Mr. Coulton, only for the customer to then continue drinking once the officer had left.

North Wales Police solicitor Gavin Preston told the licensing committee: “Mr Coulton’s actions have put people at risk of virus transmission when government advice could not have been clearer.

“He has been dishonest, obstructive and indeed devious in his attempts to continue licensed activity during the lockdown.

“The behaviour has continued notwithstanding the obvious police and council interest and the risk to the public.”

The pub has now had it’s license revoked, but what a way to go. The sawdust on the bar trick was particularly inspired.

(h/t BBC)

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