Seven-Year-Old Lad Earns First Pay Packet After Helping Builders

The first pay packet you ever receive feels like a truly momentous occasion, perhaps even one of the proudest of your life. But imagine instead of happening when you’re a teenager, your first payday drops when you’re just seven-years-old.

Well that’s what happened to Euan, from Worcester, who pocketed his first few quid from the builders who were working on his house.

Roki Building and Maintenance rewarded the youngster for ‘jumping up and down on concrete in foundations to level’, ‘removing tiles’ and ‘being a dude, not giving up and working hard’.

The pay packet included a note, which read, “Due to your high level of intelligence and maximum effort, I would recommend continuing as a builder like me (Ross), you are far too qualified to be an electrician (Barry), plumber (Ed) or a carpenter (Wayne).”

Image: LADbible

Euan may have seen some of his wage deducted for ‘shooting [me] with a water gun and Nerf bullets’, but let’s face it, shooting your gaffer is seldom going to end up with you being rewarded with a bonus, is it?

Speaking to LADbible, Euan’s mum Paula said: “We’re having some renovation work done at home and from the start Euan took an interest.

“A few months ago, he wanted to be a zookeeper, but then the builders arrived and ever since then he’s decided he wants to be a builder.

“He’s asked lots of questions, he wants to be involved, he’s asked to carry things and help, he wants to know why things go where – he just wants to be involved in every step of the process. He’s obsessed! 

Image: LADbible

“The builders have been absolutely brilliant – so patient, explaining everything to him throughout the whole process. I think they’ve got themselves an apprentice!

“The photos don’t do it justice; he was so excited. He was literally skipping and jumping. He read it all out to himself and then I read it to him afterwards to make sure he understood everything.

“He asked, ‘Well, what can I spend it on?’ He was so excited. To him £20 is such a lot of money.”

Euan’s mum confirmed he is eyeing up a Nintendo Switch and a ‘fancy car’ to blow his earnings on. We fully support that decision and hope the young lad pockets plenty more paydays in the near future.

(h/t LADbible)

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