Bloke Transforms Builders Van Into Luxury Campervan During Lockdown

It’s safe to say lockdown has given most of us cabin fever and the need for extra space has never felt more urgent. Which is why one furniture maker from Somerset has decided to build himself an extra getaway, all from within the comfort of his white van.

Daryl Lloyd Witt has spent the last few months turning his Volkwagen Crafter into a luxury camper van, so it’s now more suited to weekends on the coast rather than rainy Tuesdays in the suburbs.

The camper van is fully decked out with a stylish living area, a boiler to power the shower and hob, a dining table and double bed.

But from the outside, it still looks like your regular old builder’s van.

Daryl revealed that a white van is the perfect base to create a masterpiece like his for a few nights away.

“The fact they are essentially builders’ vans means they are quite stealthy. There are so many Volkswagen Transporters being used by surfers, you cannot tell them apart. There is no uniqueness to them. They’re very small, you wouldn’t be able to live in them or spend two weeks in one.”

Daryl, a surfer, bought the Crafter in January, and quickly started getting to work throughout lockdown, finally completing his project at the end of July.

“I designed this van much more to my taste. Clean lines and a cleaner space look much better in a confined space. When I look at photos of the original van, with nothing inside, it really hits home what a transformation it has been. It’s been really satisfying to step back and admire it.”

Not long after the transformation was complete, the company Dream Car Giveaways bought the van from Daryl for £39,000 to raffle off as a competition prize, with tickets costing £9.99. Daryl’s even bought a few himself.

“That would be an unbelievable deal if I won it. I will be really interested to see who wins it and where their travels take them. Hopefully I can follow their journey through social media and see what they do with the van.”

“I feel confident that people like my designs and they will sell. I’ve got some unique ideas for the next builds, which I haven’t seen anywhere else.” 

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

(h/t Metro)

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