Builder Causes Major Security Issue After Leaving Top Secret Parliament Plans At Greggs

It’s one thing to misplace a couple of tools here and there or forgetting where you parked the van, but imagine being responsible for leaving top secret government plans behind in Greggs.

Well that’s what has happened to one builder, who caused a major security alert after forgetting the top secret designs for the restoration of the Palace of Westminster after a visit to the beloved high street bakery.

An employee at the Westminster tube station branch discovered the plans and, after skimming over them, handed them over to police. The House of Commons is now investigating the incident.

Builders did return to Greggs a day later, only to discover the plans had already been handed over to police.

A House of Commons spokesperson said, “Documents were left by a contractor outside of the parliamentary estate but have now been returned. 

“The House of Commons takes the matter seriously and is currently investigating this incident.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police added, “On 12 August, a police officer at the Palace of Westminster took receipt of documents found by a member of public. 

“These were passed to staff at the Palace of Westminster who are investigating the incident.”

The Palace has undergone over £360m worth of maintenance work since 2016, which has led to Parliament making the decision to renovate it.

(h/t The Mail)

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