Mates Set Up ‘Tradie Giveaways’ Website After Having Their Tools Stolen

It’s every tradie’s worst nightmare – Having your van broken into and discovering all your tools have been stolen. But two mates from West Yorkshire have managed to overcome the grim experience to help out others within the industry.

Dean Shaw and Danny Conroy, both from Bradford have used lockdown to set up Tradie Giveaways, a website raffling off tools to help self-employed workers.

Dean, a 29-year-old plasterer and renderer came up with the idea after having to stump up £2,500 to replace all his tools when they were stolen. The incident happened not longer after Danny had been robbed of his equipment when his van was broken into six months earlier.

Speaking to LADbible, Dean said, “As you can imagine I was distraught at having to stump up over £2,500 in one hit to replace all of my tools so I could go out and earn a living to support my family.

“I had seen and entered competitions for fancy cars where you buy a ticket for a few quid and get entered into a raffle to win it. I thought, ‘I wish there was some kind of opportunity for me to win tools at a small fraction of the price’, then having this idea rattle around in my head all day I thought, ‘why don’t I start one?’

“So I contacted my best mate Danny [a self-employed air conditioning engineer], who had also been an unfortunate victim to tool theft six months prior to me when his van got done over in broad daylight and he also had to replace all of his tools.

“We had been in lockdown a number of weeks at this point, work was slow for us both and there wasn’t much help out there for self-employed workers yet. I pitched the idea to him and he was on board straight away.”

Dean revealed during the interview that, in time, he hopes Tradie Giveaways can grow to the point where they are able to support a Mental Health charity through their work.

“We understand the importance of mental health and know this is a rising problem, particularly in men. Many tradesmen and fathers feel the pressures of finding work, and providing and supporting for their families, so we think this would be something good we can give back.

“We have plenty more funny video ideas in the pipeline, but I’m afraid we are keeping them tight-lipped for the time being, so stay tuned!”

The pair host various competitions on the site, offering workers the chance to win prizes such as 10 piece Makita kits and Festool circular saws. They’ve even put together a few funny sketch videos as a way to expand their following.

A great idea that could potentially help some great causes further down the line, too.

Well played, lads.

(h/t LADbible)

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