Indian Restaurant Puts ‘Covid Curry’ With ‘Mask Paratha’ On Menu

As the hilariously titled ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme continues to prove popular across the UK, one restaurant in India is utilising the coronavirus pandemic even more than others in order to attract extra customers.

Multi-Cuisine in Jodhpur, Rajastha, has added a ‘Covid Curry’ and a ‘Mask Paratha’ to their menu in the hope of enticing customers back to the restaurant amid the panic of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The curry comes complete with a crown shaped kofta, made to resemble the appearance of a Coronavirus and it’s spiked crown. This comes accompanied by a paratha in the shape of a protective mask.

Image: Jam Press

In addition to these covid inspired additions to the menu, anyone who has recovered from the virus is entitled to a discount off their bill at the restaurant, provided they can provide medical proof.

Owner Yash Solanki said: “The restaurant business has totally been crashed by the pandemic, and our chefs have come out with innovative dish ideas.

“We are also offering special discount to the Covid recovered patient to show our respect towards them for fighting off such a deadly virus and recovering from it.

“As mask and Covid shares a unbreakable bond, how can Covid Curry be served without the mask paratha?”

While we ponder that question, we’d also like to see more curry houses around the UK offer up the same dish as, to be fair, it looks like it absolutely slaps. More edible masks in general are needed in restaurant culture.

(h/t LADbible)

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