Man Rings 999 To Ask Police To Deal With His Dodgy Washing Machine

We’ve all been there. An appliance mishap leads to household chaos and, for a brief few minutes, it feels like the world’s ending. But none of us have ever likely dialled 999 to ask the police to deal with a faulty washing machine, have we?

Well, one West Yorkshire man did just that and was not impressed with the response he received from the local authorities.

A damaged pipe had caused the man’s house to flood, although quite what he expected the police to do about the situation is anybody’s guess. And as it turned out, he wasn’t exactly happy when the police advised that he needed a plumber, not a police officer, to rectify the problem.

The West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre is tweeting as part of the #Not999 campaign, aimed at dissuading people from calling the emergency services when their problem is not in fact an emergency.

So, any plumbers in the West Yorkshire area, if you’re a bit short of business at the moment, it could be that a few potential customers are going to the police for their pipes mending. Might be worth having a word with your local constabulary to see if they can point you in the direction of a few jobs…

(h/t Yorkshire Evening Post)

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