Cash Strapped Dad Breaks Down After Rich Family Help Clear His £25,000 Debt

Now more than ever, it’s inevitable that many of us will encounter financial difficulties, some more seriously than others. But never in our wildest dreams do we ever suspect someone will just come along and help rid us of all our debts. Especially when the debts are totalling £25,000.

Yet that’s exactly what happened to Ed and Tracey Llewellyn, who participated on Channel 5’s ‘Rich House, Poor House’, opposite wealthy family Ladisclav and Qi Horning.

The Llewellyn’s, who live with their two children Mikey and Millie in a £1,500-per-month London flat, revealed they have less than £100-a-week to live on. Yet the Horning’s, who have one daughter, Mischa, have roughly £2,300-a-week to enjoy due to their well paid finance jobs and live in a £1.5million five bedroom mansion.

The property market crash had left former estate agent Ed with £25,000 worth of debt. Image: Channel 5

At the climax of the episode, in which the families swap lives to see how the other half live, Ed revealed that he was currently £25,000 in debt.

The video of the exchange between the two couples can be seen in full via LADbible.

Former estate agent Ed explained, “Unfortunately the property market crashed and it left me with sky high debts that I couldn’t pay. I can’t afford to provide the things I want to for my family – it breaks my heart.

The Horning’s admitted they struggled to survive on the Llewellyn family’s weekly budget. Image: Channel 5

“I can’t give this to the kids. I want the kids to be successful and for them to have that nest egg and be set up for life.”

Hearing this, Ladisclav put the Llewellyn’s at ease, saying,  “I will arrange for you, if you want to, for you to have a chat with our people in London, in our office. Specialists. I see your predicament and the pressure it puts on you and your family. Tracey, you will get out of it, he will get out of it.”

A wonderfully generous offer and one which proves just how vicious a cycle debt can be for people.

(h/t LADbible)

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