Heroic Builder Saves Life Of Six-Year-Old Boy

Only a few days after the news of a builder saving the life of three migrants sinking in the English Channel made national headlines, another tradesman has turned hero, this time in North Wales.

Heroic Samuel McKeever, a 57-year-old builder from Towyn, has described the moment he saved the life of a six-year-old child, who had gotten into difficulty on an inflatable lilo.

The boy had become stranded 200m away from the shore on Saturday afternoon when McKeever sprung into action.

Speaking to Leader Live, he explained, “I was at the water’s edge when I heard and saw a woman screaming for help.

“I immediately jumped in the water and swam about 200 meters where I found the child was face down with his head under the water.

“I turned him round and patted him on his back and then a lot of water and sick came up, and he started breathing again.

“When I got him to shore he was dipping in and out of consciousness and the air ambulance crew flew him off to hospital.”

The father-of-three also sent his wishes to the boy’s family, after he was air ambulanced to hospital at around 2.40pm, shortly after emergency services had arrived on the scene.

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