Builder On Charity Swim Saves Three People From Drowning

A builder swimming back from Calais to Dover for charity has saved the lives of three migrants, who’s kayak was sinking in the Channel.

Justin Legge, 49, had been undertaking the return leg of a charity swim, done to honour the memory of a friend who died of leukaemia. He had started the 21 mile journey at 1.30am.

At 3.30pm, he noticed three men who had encountered serious danger as their two man kayak began to sink.

Border Forces rescued over 120 migrants who had decided to make the dangerous voyage, with smugglers encouraging them to do so before the UK ‘closes’ due to Brexit.

Justin noticed the three men waving their t-shirts almost 10 miles from the Dover shore. The boat accompanying him on his swim then pulled over towards them, handing them all bottles of water and face masks as they took them aboard to safety.

The boat dropped the three men off with Border Force officials at the marina shortly afterwards.

Justin, who lives in Bridge, near Canterbury said of the experience, “I’ve just swam the Channel and I’m absolutely knackered.

“Then we saw this dodgy cheap-looking little kayak and they were really sinking. We approached them and the pilot was really good. He gave them some water and decided to take them on board because if he left them, they would have drowned.

Justin has raised thousands for charities over the years through completing a variety of sporting challenges. Image: Charlotte Legge

They were a really long way out – around 10 miles. So he phoned the authorities and brought them back in. They’re lucky to still be alive. The three of them sat on the edge of the boat for the rest of the ride back.

“One of the guys was watching them but they just sat there quietly and looked a bit embarrassed.

“It was very strange. I know these sorts of crossings are a daily occurrence now but I never thought I’d see something like that first hand.”

The charity swim Justin was completing at the time had seen him raise £24,000.

(h/t Daily Mail)

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