Yorkshireman Discovers Massive 30ft Hole While Doing His Gardening

Ever been doing a spot of DIY in the house or garden and suddenly come across a MASSIVE 30FT DEEP HOLE? No? Well that’s what happened to Gerald O’Conner while doing his gardening the other day.

While treating himself to a bit of lockdown gardening, 47-year-old Gerald, who lives on Tofts Grove, Rastrick in West Yorkshire, came across a massive well casually minding it’s own business.

The 47-year-old is now going back and forth with Calderdale Council in order to get the well filled in and restructured, with health and safety concerns now meaning neither Gerald or his neighbours can use the access point.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, Gerald said, “I was digging up the land, which is shared with my neighbour. When I came back to it the next day there was a huge hole, which I could’ve fell into at any point.

The well previously belonged to an old mill which had previously been on the land. Image: Yorkshire Post

“I’ve lived in my home for 18 years and I was never told there was a well underneath it. I did a bit of digging and found out there was a mill on the plot of land before my house was built in 1989, as well as a reservoir less than 200 yards south-west of the well, which I suspect runs under my home too.”

Naturally, the Yorkshireman was a little bit taken aback when he discovered there was a potentially deadly sheer drop lurking at the back of his garden that he didn’t even know about.

“I said ‘holey-moley’, I was in shock. When you come across issues with your home you usually call the plumber or electrician; who do I call for this? It’s been stressful because this will limit me now if I ever want to sell my home in the future, and this will definitely stop any sale going through and drop the value.

“I no longer have access to the rear of my home, and I have a two-year-old granddaughter, which I have to make sure stays well away from it. My neighbours and I have cats which we’ll also have to constantly monitor. Oddly enough I’ve considered starting a mini landfill business and making use of the well.”

Holey-Moley. Image: Yorkshire Post

Fair play, it’s been a while since we heard anyone say ‘holey-moley’. And if you can’t say it when you’ve got a giant hole in your garden, when can you?

What creative ways would you utilise a 30ft hole if you found one in your back garden? Plunge pool? Ball pit? All ideas welcome…

(h/t Yorkshire Post)

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