Wetherspoons Breakfasts Now Cost Less Than £2.50 Under New Government Scheme

The British government’s new ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme could be a godsend for tradesmen up and down the country, as it will see Wetherspoons breakfasts cost less than £2.50.

The new initiative, which offers diners 50% off food and non-alcoholic drinks up to £10 per head between Monday-Wednesday from 3rd-31st August, includes Tim Martin’s pub chain as a participant, with all 700+ Wetherspoons establishments taking part.

This means that for a full English at any ‘spoons in the country, you’re only dropping a paltry £2.24, with a refillable coffee or tea setting you back a further 65p.

Wetherspoons founder and chairman Tim Martin said of the scheme, “Thanks to the Government scheme, an individual is £2.93 better off eating and drinking at Wetherspoon than purchasing a similar range of products at Tesco.

“Over a 13 day period customers would save £38.09. As Tesco’s customers will appreciate, every little helps.

“Prices at some of our town and city centre pubs are higher and the comparison with Tesco does not work in these cases. However, the vast majority of our pubs will be offering a range of meals with a drink at unbeatable prices.”

The ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme is aimed at rejuvenating the hospitality sector, although it is now seen as being in conflict with the government’s new messaging on tackling unhealthy eating during the Coronavirus pandemic. Image: Gov.uk

The same scheme also means a Big Mac will now only cost £1.60 and a box of 20 McNuggets will set you back just £3 at McDonald’s.

While it’s probably not advisable to start three work days a week with a fry up followed by a lunch of McNuggets, at those prices, plenty of builders on a budget around the UK will no doubt be flocking to the likes of Wetherspoons and Maccy D’s over the coming weeks to fuel their long shifts.

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