Electrician Told To Finish His Shift After Suffering Heart Attack Wins Major Compensation Claim Against Boss

An electrician who was asked to finish his shift, despite suffering a heart attack while on the job, has been awarded compensation at an employment tribunal.

As he worked on a site near Sunderland, Rob Cragg complained of feeling unwell to his bosses and explained to them that he needed to go to hospital.

However, according to Mr.Cragg, boss Ian Derbyshire told him he would “prefer it if he finished his shift first”.

The married father ended up spending six months off work recovering, during which he suffered from depression and anxiety. He explained to the tribunal that no one from the Tyne and Wear-based firm BMS Electrical Services reached out during his recovery period to see how he was doing, although he did claim to have been given ‘hush money’ by the company.

The ‘hush money’ claim has been denied by director William Storey, who called Mr.Cragg a ‘lying bastard’. The electrician added that he was unable to walk down the street without regular stops and was frightened to drive in case another attack happened while he was behind the wheel.

Upon hearing all the evidence presented to them, the tribunal panel concluded, “[We] would have expected a reasonable employer to have been in contact with the [Mr Cragg] about his health to find out how he was doing.

“They were under a duty of care as his employer to look after his welfare and yet failed to do so.”

Mr.Cragg had filed a complain of breach of working time regulations as well as disability discrimination on the basis of unfavourable treatment. While these claims were accepted, his one for unfair dismissal was dismissed.

The panel agreed to award Mr.Cragg compensation of £12,095 for disability discrimination.

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